Thursday, October 28, 2021

On the Internet, All Lies are Narcissistic Lies

You can't physically affect one another; by process of elimination, it's about perception. Lying to change someone's perception of you is classic narcissism. P.S. Narcissism is a mental disorder because verbal signalling doesn't work. Perceptions are not managed. 

If you commit a firing offence, you can lie to your boss and although your boss is a fool for trusting you, you can avoid getting fired. If you commit a quitting offence, you can lie to your employees and say it wasn't your fault; your employees prove themselves fools for trusting you, but you can keep them around for a while longer. 

On the internet, none of this matters. There's only various esteem games. On one hand, everyone seems to get it. Nobody esteems someone especially due to perception management on the internet. On the other hand, insanity is still endemic. They continually attempt to manage perceptions, even though it's never worked; it's not just them, it's never worked on them either. 

Almost everything said on the internet is some form of perception management or another.

It is not intended to inform, to discuss, to have a debate, to gather new information, or to coordinate a project. It's all narcissism. This is because California is characterized by very high levels of narcissism, for various reason I find obvious. 

P.P.S. America in general is almost optimally anti-intellectual. Sharing information is an intellectual activity, and thus optimally disparaged in America. Even if something is known you're supposed to already know it; studying is considered useless thus almost anything that requires study to understand must be false. (Exceptions that prove the rule: brain surgery, rocket science. There's nothing intermediate between quantum mechanics and how to buy groceries. If there is a knee-jerk understanding it must be true, because study reveals counter-intuitive things.)

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