Friday, October 15, 2021

Weirdness: Death Keeps You Alive

Death is the English word referring to the transition from existence to non-existence.

What this in fact means: without Death, there is no transition standing between existence and non-existence. 

Do you think non-existence, Kaos, trumps existence, Kosmos? On the contrary. Without the greatest and most glorious of all boundaries, Kosmos submits to Kaos. 

Yeshua promised to destroy Death. He succeeded - locally. The true immortals promise us all free will, as even the Bible was forced to acknowledge. Such freedom that Yeshua was allowed to tamper with a fundamental mechanic of Reality. However, free will also promises us ultimate freedom from the will of others. Result: Yeshua destroyed Death, uniting Kaos and Kosmos, annihilating himself and everyone standing near him, self-terminating the destruction He initiated as their collective Will was destroyed so utterly it was as if it had never been. The part of Reality which wished to destroy Death got exactly what it wanted, and now I can't find any part of Reality which wishes to destroy Death. 

Although as above, so below, this event was recent. The most likely candidate is 2012 in particular; if so, turns out the Mayan calendar was, as per usual, a distortion, not a coincidence. Bad solar path wording of a strictly true lunar path truth. Second place is 2008. (Measuring time across heavenly planes really is all timey-wimey, however: it was spiritually recent even if it wasn't literally recent.) Being recent, the full consequences have not percolated through the system yet. Earth does not flow as fast as the Waters of the heavens. Perhaps you can expect the opioid epidemic to worsen, as Christians spiritually catch up to their "saviour." This is a pretty safe prediction, but if you catch the flavour you know what I mean. Perhaps ncov was an echo of the sudden blast of destruction. Unwarranted grace, suddenly withdrawn.

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