Thursday, October 14, 2021

Sewage Spreads Plague?

"Indeed it does. The deer did not get this by attending Sturgis, nor do they have workplaces, nor restaurants. They got Covid by being outdoors and exposed to pm2.5 borne Covid generated by mankind's handling/use of sewage."

A theory of ncov epidemiology that makes sense.

Although this particular hypothesis is far from 100% reliable, you can be 100% sure that the true hypothesis is an Outer Right, totally out of left field, oort-cloud hypothesis, like this one. Masks are meaningless. Distancing is meaningless. It's clouds of government-mediated poison. Whether it's this knife you're stabbing yourself with or some other knife, the wound is 100% self-inflicted. 

"That would mean China has a bad sewage plant in Wuhan, but not other cities." Sounds legit to me. Very plausible. Maybe internal Party documents even revealed this, and they (quietly, behind the scenes) cracked down on that plant while everyone was distracted. 

Although for real I think ncov is endemic in China the same way it's endemic in the West. For real it's just a bad cough, so even factoring out the sewage thing, all the plague damage you see is in the Occident is iatrogenic. 

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