Saturday, September 11, 2021

Logiomancy is Martial

This blog honours Ares.

That is, I am highly aggressive and will pick a fight with you.

Like Ares, I am disappointed if you always lose. You're supposed to win sometimes. If you're not strong enough, return when you are stronger. You are going to get stronger, right?


Alrenous said...

The Greeks honoured Athena above Ares because Ares sometimes goes to war intending, even hoping, to lose. That means he's a bit of a loser. What a goof.

What the Greeks failed to appreciate is that Ares carries such glory he can afford to lose. Yes, he pays all those penalties, and Athena does not. It's not like divinity exempts him from these ultimate rules - on the contrary, the suffering of the defeated is one of Ares' own rules. For Ares to deny the victor the spoils is to stab his own heart.
Athena, as is meet for a woman, is a step behind in this regard. She cannot lose, she must not lose - she carries a hint of desperation.

Alrenous said...

The victories of Athena are necessary. Workmanlike. You win because you have to.

The victories of Ares are unnecessary. Pure luxury. You win because it's awesome.

If you lose as Athena, you die. If you lose as Ares, it's fine. Get up and fight again. If you lose as Ares, your opponent garners glory. The world is a more glorious place as a result of the battle.