Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Kindness is a crime.

A fortiori: don't forget that Médecins Sans Frontières is primarily about letting surgeons operate without anaesthetic. Sometimes they use only a paralytic, so it doesn't look like they're torture enthusiasts who world-trot because they can't get their jollies at home. 

Anaesthetic is dangerous, after all! We "have to" operate but this poor nation doesn't have the necessary equipment to "safely" administer the painkillers...what a shame...

As far as I know, MSF is the primary vector for AIDS in Africa. Ninjas don't realize there's anything wrong with re-using needles. MSF would be the primary vector even were it not intentional. As with all immigration, they're not sending their best; doctors who would win at home don't go abroad. Without aid, AIDS burns itself out in the gay "community," just like it does in America. That said, it clearly is intentional; you don't see AIDS epidemics among MSF itself. They know to use the clean needles when it comes time to inject in-house. Corruption so deep it becomes its own pure form of evil.

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