Monday, September 20, 2021

Hierarchy, Merit, and Inequality

"The meritocrats are atomisers; if the son in a family business has an IQ of 106 and a foreigner has an IQ of 108, the meritocrat smugly gives the family business to the foreigner against all natural sentiment and against all character; and this is because the meritocrat half accepts the left’s blank slate."

Addendum: meritocracy is impossible. Who decides what merit is? Quis custodiet? Meritocracy is a game where you hack some magistrate's utility function. Typically with bribes or by being their son. 

It's a clever Sophist reversal of Exit. Can the customer choose who has merit? Or, is it the producer choosing who has merit and the "customer" just has to suck it up?

Blank slate is fake. It's a game where we pretend nobody has character and then discriminate on character anyway. Especially when we want to hire someone of poor character to be, for example, a whipping boy, yes man, or puppet.

Moldbug's electoral birth defect:
"Since the left presents itself as for equality in various dimensions and to various extents, many rightists—in reaction against the left—assume that they are for inequality and hierarchy; but this is a misnomer, the right really defends responsibility—and responsible people care about their posterity, their children."

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