Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Woke: giving a shit about Foucault.

Broke: not giving a shit about Foucault.

Ha oops wrote that backwards.

You can always try not refuting every late-Empire excrescence. They're as endless as cockroaches. Presumption of innocence is for murder trials. The real world gets presumption of bullshit, as the latter is far more common. If Foucaldians want to contribute, let them demonstrate contribution. Not that I need to check; of course they can't. 

Shorthand: if they wrote in French it's not worth your time. Descartes wrote in Latin. De Tocqueville gets a pass. Even with these two you must be cautious.

Proselytizing is a crime. Don't try to convert someone's ideas by force unless you're willing to pull out a sword and do it for real. Condemn them to their pre-existing heresy and forget they exist. The heavens will have it sorted even if you don't do anything, and it's really none of your business.

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