Friday, September 3, 2021

Governments are Abusive Parents

Every government thus far has existed for the purpose of abusing its subject population.

Psychological injuries get worse when they are denied or repressed. Likewise, the government gets worse because the peasants deny that there's a problem, exactly the same way a child denies that their abusive parent is abusive.

(Communist parents are especially abusive, just like communist governments. Likewise, it is very shameful to have a journalist, politician, or teacher as a parent.*)

Why admit your parents are abusive? It's just going to upset them, and they will respond abusively. Why admit your government is a sadistic freak of nature? You can't do anything about it short of armed rebellion. It's merely a stressful thought. Best to crimestop that shit, and be blissfully unaware. 

Which is exactly what makes it worse.

Psychological injuries get worse because, as per Stoicism, they are based on false beliefs. Denying that the belief is false reinforces it, which only worsens the injury.

You don't need a "coping strategy" to deal with the fact food tastes good. You don't need a "coping strategy" to deal with the fact it's dark at night and harder to see. You need coping strategies when your self-image critically depends on false statements. "I can see perfectly at night." Now you need a coping strategy. "The Fascists keep releasing smokescreens every evening! Those bastards."

Coping strategies are drugs, exactly like the drugs governments (sadistically) make illegal. They distort your perceptions so your ego can survive Reality beating on it, but you gain tolerance, so you need stronger and stronger doses of the drug until the side effects are so strong you die.  

In the case of governments, denying their evil makes them upset. They're being misunderstood and misconstrued, and nobody likes that. They want their abuse to be acknowledged. (They also don't want it, because you have to be an insane fuck to want to work for the government.) When their abuse is denied, they escalate. "See me! See me!" Naturally this only makes the peasant response worse. Having to acknowledge Satan is your master is an especially stressful thought, so they deny it especially hard.

Finally the abuse is so strong the government, country, or civilization dies.

In the case of China, they don't overreach, so the government gets reborn in place. In the case of Caucasians, they tend to destroy the abused race so they can never have an even vaguely functional government ever again. If you're so biologically screwed up you can't abuse your subjects properly even when you try, that's a solution to the problem, right?

P.S. *My mother was instrumental in opening the local women's shelter, and my father was hardcore about global warming. For the good of the species, they absolutely don't deserve grandchildren...which certainly puts me in a bit of a bind.
Bonus round: one of my grandfathers was a literal criminal who should have died rotting in jail, but he got away with it. Much like the Regressive Inquisition would like to see me in jail, but won't, come to think. The fact this shit runs in families is exactly what has me so concerned.
Double bonus round: guess which parent this grandfather was associated with. The gullible victim, or the perpetrator?


Arqiduka said...

Trick cliffhanger question: you describe both your grampas there, lol

Alrenous said...

What kind of weirdo reactionary knows both their grandfathers?

Anonymous said...

I'd put money on him being the father of the victim type.

Alrenous said...

you don't say