Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Integrity and Insanity

"both Bergdahl and Pound were regarded as slightly mad: Bergdahl discharged from the Coast Guard for peculiarities and Pound condemned to a mental hospital for a protracted period, but perhaps integrity can look very much like madness."

Insanity makes your behaviour differ from what normies do. Integrity makes your behaviour differ from what normies do. Normies, of course, have no taste and are blind to the qualities of inferiority or superiority. They can only see the diff.
Further, most diffs are insanity, not integrity. Given normies have to treat them all the same, it's important to treat them all like insanity. (Girls dealing with hot guys is an exception. Hot guys are always eccentric, not crazy.)

I think the truly bad actors can tell. The folk who not merely lack integrity, but are actively exploiting dishonour to the hilt, are well aware that they, too, differ from how normies act. When the dishonourable are placed next to the honourable, even normies start getting glimmers of the quality difference. As such, it's important to savagely attack those with honour lest they unconsciously, accidentally, crush your putrefied ambitions. 

Or rather, it's super important that the honourable never let the tiniest corruption into their institutions, because if you do, it rapidly becomes too late. Attack savagely unless you enjoy getting attacked savagely.

That said Bergdahl sounds insane to me, not honourable. Yeah, I too respect fencing and fencers (as long as they're not using the gay foils). However, he joined the military, even though they're obviously corrupt even when viewed from ten miles distant. Then he walked off the base in such a manner that it really, really didn't work out for him. He failed to have integrity toward his own well-being, and I rather suspect he failed to have integrity in general.

Buddhist meditation retreats are also a huge red flag. You can (and I do) practice Buddhism privately, on your own effort and initiative. The retreats are Buddhist exactly the way indulgences are Catholic. Again, this is so obvious you don't need to do anything silly like actually try it. If you really want to talk Buddhism in public, find a temple. Ideally one staffed by actual Orientals. (Caveat: theoretical. I have not personally tried this.) If they're wearing the saffron robes, that's a good initial sign.

The Regressive Inquisition would very much like to put me, too, straight into a gulag. However, they're never going to realize this, simply because I dissemble whenever they're looking. They are unaware, and unaware they will remain.

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