Thursday, September 9, 2021

The Rot is Old, CS Lewis Edition

Myth: CS Lewis was a trad Christian.

Caveats: he was way less degenerate than present secular humanists.

Fact: Lewis was blue pilled about women. His stories regularly feature "beastly" boys preying on saintly girls who would never do anything so crude as fight back. 

Lewis was blue pilled on rebellions. 

Mr Tumnus is a wonderful figure who follows his heart and rebels against the White Witch, ultimately paying the price (actually ultimately having all his actions invalidated by Aslan, but everyone makes mistakes). Mr Tumnus is pure and unadulterated fiction. Pure non-realism. In America, parents won't even offer civil disobedience if their heart tells them to protect their children. USG is their God.

Lewis clearly states that you ought to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's: Nothing. Aslan owns everything; the White Witch gets things on Aslan's sufferance.

His fellow "Christians" would hang him for this heresy, but luckily for him they glossed over it. 

Lewis was blue pilled on discipline.

"It's all right," said Peter. "I know what we're all thinking. But I'm sure, quite sure, we needn't. I've a feeling we've got to the country where everything is allowed."

Problem: you're already in a country where everything is allowed. However, actions have consequences. More precisely, everything has a price. At the very least, it costs time. Even Aslan can't abjure this omipotent logical principle.

Is this "country where everything is allowed" exactly identical to our current country? It is a country where time doesn't exist? Is it a country where Aslan forgives you if you slap the shit out of your sister for no reason, because that's allowed? 

Maybe it's a country where illogic is logical and you're allowed to not think things through; you'll never sound like a drooling moron. It's okay. 


Lewis was blue pilled on redemption.

Edmund is "redeemed" by being changed into an entirely different person, demonstrating that Lewis feels that redemption is in fact impossible; only possession by some not-you spirit. Eustace's red pilling was a little more believable, but, to be honest, not very much. Edmund straight-up turns into Peter v2.0. Nice brain transplant, bro.

However, yes. Let's do a couple caveats too.

but Edmund was saying to himself, “I’ll pay you all out for this, you pack of stuck-up, self-satisfied prigs.” [They called him out for being a beast - ed.] For deep down inside him he really knew that the White Witch [and therefore he himself] was bad and cruel.
And every time this happened he thought more and more how he hated Peter—just as if all this had been Peter’s fault."
If you call an envious little shit out for being an envious little shit, their blame will shift from God to you. In an especially twisted twist, they will see you as Godlike - because you justly punish him exactly like God does.
Stuck up? Fact is Peter would never, and has never, acted like Edmund did. However, Edmund sees Peter as God, meaning narcissist Edmund thinks Peter sees himself as God. And gee, that would be stuck up, now wouldn't it? Very rational. Makes perfect sense, right?

(Also tu quoque is a fallacy, so even had Peter so acted, he would still be right in calling defection out as defection.)   

"The sort of “History” that was taught in Narnia under Miraz’s rule was duller than the truest history you ever read and less true than the most exciting adventure story."

Sound familiar?


Aslan surrenders and is tied up:

"“The cowards! The cowards!” sobbed Susan. “Are they still afraid of him, even now?”"


What the envious little shits really want is to not be envious little shits. I mean, who wouldn't? However, no amount of tearing down the great and the glorious will make them not-envious, for what I hope are obvious reasons. Yet, that's always the solution they attempt, which is why they're [little shits] and not merely [envious].

They're terrified, because they know even after they fatally plunge the stone dagger into Aslan's breast, they will still be putrid little mutants squirming half-blind across a gorgeous land they do not deserve. He will have ultimate revenge without having to lift a finger. Well, having to lift a paw, in this case.

The guy who got brained while pulling down an old American statue survived. He's crippled and confined to a wheelchair, though. You don't have to do anything; they will do it to themselves. Just don't let them stand near you while they're doing it.
This is why (wiser) Christians say God doesn't punish you. You punish yourself when you turn away from God's light. He promised you free will, so he doesn't stop you, that's all.
That is, when you take the blue pill, you punish yourself. Gnon will have his pound of flesh, sooner or later, and you won't like it if he has to come later.

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