Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Body is Glorious

The Christians say the body is a holy gift, and they are correct. The human body is a ridiculously powerful machine that does far better than it has any right to do.
Realistically, what is even the other option? Not have a body? Your body is your soul's representative sent to the embassy of reality. Without a body or body-equivalent, you do not exist as far as everyone else is concerned. Given the restrictions of coherent interaction, it's going to be pretty much a sack of meat regardless of how much you finagle it.

Except it's not just a dirty bag of mostly water. Not a meat popsicle. For one, it's a nanomachine colony. Squishy nanomachines instead of metal ones, but otherwise literally a nanite Gundam. It's absurdly sophisticated. 

Human engineers: "Cut down on moving parts, it makes the machine more robust, easier to maintain, and generally cheaper." Biology: "Wait a tick this thing isn't moving in two different directions yet. Punch it up!" Result: metal can't even withstand 20 years of continuous operation, even with intensive external repairs...

Another way of saying [representative] is instrument. You play your body to add to the harmony of Existence. Your body is a divine regalia. Keeping the body healthy is merely showing gratitude for this glorious boon. Not to mention, it feels good; almost as if Gnon believes health is important and wants to encourage the achievement of health. 

"The Gnostic revival cuts across the left and the right. The left has transsexualism, a definitely Gnostic idea that the human body is corrupt and must be transcended."

On the contrary, it's the human mind that's corrupt and must be transcended. I think the above is not only Gnostic, but outright Satanic.

Grass monkeys, and particularly Fascists, notice a conflict between their social rules and the health of their body. Being fanatics, they can't adjust the social rules; the body (made in the image!) is outgroup and has to go. ProTip: don't do that. There is literally nothing correct about this mindset. The corruption is so perfect it is its own purity.

P.S. You may notice that your brain resides within your body. Your body notices what you're thinking. What do you suppose will happen to morale if you keep slagging off your first and unfirable employee? What do you suppose happens instead if your praise is fulsome and elaborate?


Anonymous said...

This is as relevant here as anywhere.

I have been taking a large dose of D3 daily (as well as some other supplements, but always D3) since February and came down recently with a nasty case of the coronavirus. Consider this a notice that your chosen prophylaxis may need adjustment.

Alrenous said...

I already tested it and found it effective. I had to bring my dose down to see any symptoms at all.

Alrenous said...

One of the issues of low-sample experiments is not revealing all the dependencies. There may be some protein co-requirements or something of that nature.

Anonymous said...

Iirc there's not any evidence the mild malaise you had was really the fauci flu.

Fwiw my diet in recent months is cheap steaks, eggs, root veg, sorrel, buckwheat, fennel, Brussels sprouts, butter, yogurt, honey and fruit juices.