Friday, September 17, 2021

Modern Vaccines

As it becomes ever more clear that the approved ncov vaccines don't work, let's talk about how vaccine approval works in the present day.

Step 1: One hundred vaccine candidates are submitted.

Step 2: The government considers only the worst 10 candidates.

Step 3: The government picks the second best of the candidates they considered. 

The top ten vaccines all thought the facts were on their side, due to being so safe, cheap, and effective, and they didn't need marketing. They were dismissed out of hand.

The bottom ten candidates either fucked up royally and knew they had to offer substantial bribes to have any chance of replacing their investment, or skipped to the end and put all their money into substantial bribes in the first place, telling their techies to slap together whatever as quickly as possible. 

The bribes get you past the first hurdle. Technical quality sort-of gets you pas the second hurdle, but the government techies are mainly bureaucrats and technically incompetent, so they overlook things or let envy guide their decisions.

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