Thursday, September 9, 2021

Plato Was Smart but Corrupt

Plato was far smarter than any modern you can find writing in public. Nevertheless, he was corrupt, meaning he was left-wing. E.g. he had that idea about stripping children from their parents. Very "rational" in the modern sense. 

Academic means Platonic means bad. Never attend the Academy. E.g. the Stanford philosophy encyclopedia directly invokes Plato, which is self-condemnation. "Heads' up: we're full of shit."

Real scholarship is Socratic-Aristotlean, which is rightist, which is good. If you attend a school, always attend a Lykeion. 

I think he was literally homosexual for Socrates. He was pissed about the hemlock because his crush got crushed. The dialogues were nothing but an elaborate extended mope. 

Supposed to love wisdom, sodomite, not worship individuals. Weak minds obsess over status and people; average minds obsess over events; great minds obsess over ideas.

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