Sunday, September 12, 2021

Christianity is Failure Worship

I had not previously appreciated how truly bad Christian theology is.

"You're not supposed to impose your own will on the world; 'thy will be done'"

Hey. Moron. If you attach a thick lever to a thin lever, then apply stress to the lever system, what do you think is going to happen? If your will is weak, it's not only going to stop you from carrying out your own will.

Christianity: better to fail than to risk success.
A very RNC idea.

Actual, stupidly obvious reason: coddling the envious. It is not better to fail because it's better that Yeshua's will not be done than you accidentally maybe twitch slightly away from Yeshua's will. It's better to fail because you'll piss of envious little shits if you don't. If we keep having to throw the putrid mutants out of Church for heinous Envy-driven sins, it won't be a Catholic Church, now will it?

"It's God's place to judge!" Is it now.
No wonder they're so suspicious of anyone effective.

But, of course, totally impotent when it comes to doing anything to stop defective effectors.
No wonder the Church hierarchy is so flagrantly (and reliably) corrupt.

As I have said and will say again, if you believe you have to be [x] to achieve [y], you will tend to uncritically embrace [x] if you want [y] enough. If you think being friends is gay, but you really badly want friends, then you will uncritically embrace My Little Pony. (Say hi to the Bronies for me!) If you think only Fascists can suppress crime, then you will suggest death camps and gulags if you hate crime enough. If you think only the Devil is allowed to be effective, you will wholeheartedly embrace treacherous defection if you desperately want to be effective.

In other words Christianity is a direct and immediate cause of Sophism's supremacy.
As always, I rather doubt Yeshua did not intend this exact outcome. Unlike His followers, He was not a dummy. 

If Reality is God then Christianity is Satanism.
Being effective means submitting to Gnon's will and Gnon's discipline. Being ineffective means making attempts in a manner contrary to Gnon's will. 

"Judge not lest ye be judged!"
Hey shitbag, why would I be afraid of being judged? I want to be judged frequently and harshly! How else am I to improve? My only issue with being judged is how it's so very often wrong, leading down instead of up.
I think Yeshua was correct here: if you want to be judged, judge all the time. Every day. Every opportunity. I indeed follow this stricture.

Christianity teaches you to rebel against Gnon. Christ is and always was Anti-Christ. Christ tells you to hope and pray for Revolution, overthrowing God, but secretly, so you don't notice. These implications only appear beyond your inferential horizon, as is the usual manner for Sophists.

Both Jehovah and Yeshua tell you submit to the wrong entity, exactly as Christians describe Satan as doing.
As I've said before, Christian Satanology is remarkably accurate. Because they (of all people) would know, wouldn't they? 

Christianity was always doomed, because it rebels against Gnon. It is not surprising that Christianity falls. It is only surprising that it took this long. Luckily its competitors were even greater sinners.

P.S. Yet further it is not a coincidence that game theories keep finding that defection is rational. Their post-Christianity guarantees it. "Be a prick if you want to win!" Yeah thanks. 

P.P.S. The viking raids on the monasteries suggest Christianity has a tendency to make its adherents vulnerable to invasion. Not the only example; not a fluke. Just the one that comes to mind.

P.P.P.S. On the plus side it seems avowed Satanists are not in any way opposed to this dynamic. I'm not going to study parody-Christianity enough to figure out exactly why, but we can clearly see that explicit Satanists don't get shit done and do get sick and die.

P.P.P.P.S. Christianity is Fascist, short ver: self-sacrifice (the cross) means self-annihilation means annihilation of the personality means everyone is the same means radical egalitarianism means Fascism.
Also slave morality, "concern" for "victims", totalitarianism, separation/distinction as evil, regression as virtue, sense of entitlement (but you sinned tho!), humanism is actually anti-humanism and Christianity is anti-human. The "mark of the beast" lets you tell who is a beast and who isn't. In other words, who is worthy of envy and who is feeling envy. The mark, which tells you of all distinctions, will cut you off from Jehovah, who is Satan. All distinctions => knowing all truths. Christ destroys death, but death is what keeps you alive, so everyone dies, even Christ.
Certainly Christianity also opposed certain facets of Fascism, but fundamentally it cannot refute Fascism without refuting itself. As a result is locked into providing air cover for the degenerate, Satanic political system.

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