Sunday, September 12, 2021

"I inherited money from a relative I had not seen for years and was estranged from; a surprise—I thought I would get nothing. At first, I diligently saved; however, events transpired in such a way as the money was spent and damaged me as it was spent. Now, I swear it was cursed."

I had the opportunity to inherit money from a relative I had not seen for years, or indeed seen for any length of time at all; less than 24 hours total, I estimate. Our continents differed.
The individual had declined to write a will, and as a result I was entitled to some wealth by default. My daimon told me to refuse, so I did. I was opposed, of course, by everyone who heard of this decision.

It seems I was correct. 

Also, I received some of the money anyway, mediated much more directly and responsibly. Physical cash, handed to me in person. Honourable, almost.

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