Sunday, September 5, 2021

The Transgressive Inquisition Sees Themselves as Fascist

When you say Fascists do X and Y and then do X and Y yourself, then you start seeing yourself as Fascist. E.g. antifa street thugs are aware they're fascist street thugs. Admittedly this is pretty far down, buried under several layers of cope, but it's still there.
If you give me a particular antifa thug I can show you how to make them accidentally admit to being a fascist street thug. It's a trick involving going just beyond their inferential horizon. If you can see the horizon at a glance like I can, it's trivial to do yourself.

Because they see themselves as Fascist, in the unlikely event that they want to compromise Fascism, they will stop themselves. Except it's not even Fascism per se, but their perception of Fascism. In other words, because they believe Hitler was big into death camps, they believe they ought to be big into death camps.

Whether Hitler in fact had death camps or not - whether Fascism is inherently death-campy or not - American will attempt, sooner or later, to produce death camps. Like Hitler, they will try to put the State Enemy of Fascism in the camps. In other words, white men.

However, America may first feminize so badly it becomes totally paralyzed. It will end up nattering tremendously about making death camps without actually being able to create any kind of camps at all. Spengler's timeline seems to indicate this is the path, and Spengler's track record is better than (to pull an example totally at random) mine.


Kgaard said...

I've been sort of arriving at the same conclusion about camps. They seem inevitable. Though I get there via Jim's holiness spiral.

Alrenous said...

There's a world of difference between a holiness spiral and an unholiness spiral.