Tuesday, September 14, 2021

On Gnosticism

The Matrix is social expectations when social expectations become totalitarian.

Satan is Lord of This world, and isn't the omega archon. That means: demiurge. The error is in thinking that only Satan worship is possible; being the lord of the social, Satan seems overwhelming to those ensnared by social worlds. 

Ironically the Gnostic always believes they can take the red pill by becoming more social. Satan is hardly incompetent. They worship Satan, but believe when Satan betrays them he's not the real Satan/god they were trying to worship. 

The physical world is not [made in the image]; on the contrary it is a direct facet of the divine. Existence is holy and holier than holy; physics unquestionably exists. The Gnostic, finding the social world has let them down, turns even further away from the physical world in an attempt to find the "true" social world. 

P.S. For contrast: in reality the red pill that takes you out of Satan's Matrix is the revelation called apocalypse by Satan worshippers. It would indeed be very cataclysmic...for them.

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