Sunday, September 19, 2021

Unsolvable Problem Justifies Power

"For Critical Race Theorists of this kind, Systemic racism/Injustice will be present whenever disparities exist. Since those differences are innate though, they will exist forever and Critical Race Theorists will try to fight the invisible dark matter of 'privilege' forever."

Yes, that's the point. If a problem justifies kratia, and you can't solve the problem, then nobody can take away your kratia, now can they? You're legitimized forever. Plus, slave morality. "Oh woe! The world is such a terrible burden to bear!" Get your victim card punched and permanently seize coercive, deviant power. 

True believers are chumps. They never make it in politics. Emperors have been atheists for all of history; it's only recently that they're dumb enough to say so in public, however.

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