Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Is Communism Narcissistic?

Step 1: Sophists seize the Christian nations.

2: Sophism becomes high status.

3: Being fake becomes high status.

4: Narcissism becomes the mores of the Christian nations. 


...not that it's easy to defend Christianity per se from accusations of [narcissistic tendencies].


"although, of course, some are; academics, journalists, and intellectuals are all in roles that facilitate narcissism to a high degree, being insulated from reality and so providing an environment where the most ludicrous masks can be crafted."

We find that highly decadent, highly civilized jobs have a very strong tendency to make their holders communist. At best, they select strongly for communism. 

Does this make sense? Is there an underlying pattern?

Narcissists horribly envy those who have functioning souls. In a narcissist/communist environment, basic security involves pretending to be narcissist. (Luckily, narcissists, being functionally soulless, cannot distinguish an act from an authenticity. They cannot catch the infiltrator.)

Egalitarianism causes narcissism. Does narcissism cause egalitarianism? According to the default psyche, genes == soul. Your soul defines your character. Narcissists deny the soul (as hard as they can) which means denying that there is any nature. For the narcissist, there is only nurture. Only the mask.

Communism would work with utterly selfless beings. Narcissists, being functionally soulless, are functionally without a self. Self-less, it seems, doesn't mean quite what you thought it means. 


It may be necessary to suffer ego-adversity to become aware of having a proper ego. To suffer the humiliation of utter defeat at the hands of Reality to learn that there is something there to be defeated. Wordy refutations are not only not enough, but actively counter-productive. If you hunt the deer but the deer gets away, no amount of narcissistic spin can save you, especially when the elder hunter comes back with that exact same deer two hours later. Narcissists are rare in physics due to how often your math is wrong. Once narcissized, the narcissist hides behind their competence.  

This also requires having agency; women's agency is weak. Much easier to psychologically dodge humiliation if the situation was not determined by your own choices. Women, of course, don't feel humiliated when choice is stripped from them.

They really did [have to] do it, didn't they? Free will comes from the soul. Narcissists, therefore, cannot believe in free will. 

The responsibility angle: "I have no free will; I am not responsible." The logic is bad, but we're on the subject of madmen.

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