Tuesday, September 14, 2021

All Morality is Slave Morality

Morality makes you weak. It's well-known that it makes you easy to control, but it also makes it more difficult to deal with hardship. 

"I don't deserve this trouble!" Whether you do or not, this thought is a waste of time. It is only making you weaker and sicker. Every solution is a prayer to Gnon, and the recipe is to perform an action that counters the trouble. Complaining, especially complaining solely in your mind, is rebellion against Gnon. 

To get into trouble in the first place, you must have sinned against Gnon. Always. Every time. Without exception. There are no victims, only perpetrators getting their just desserts. 

I have cited tornadoes as a possible moment where Gnon's justice is too strict. Unfortunately for slave moralists and my past self, insurance is a thing that exists. That and basements. If you get in trouble from getting tornado'd, then you deserved it. 

All morality is slave morality.

Insofar as morality is useful or accurate, insofar morality is not rebellion against Gnon, it's isomorphic to economics and game theory. It's not morality, it's merely prudence. 

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