Thursday, September 16, 2021

The Internet is San Fransciso

 Rezzealaux has informed me.


Duh, of course it is. All websites were built in SF, meaning thaumauturgically they're all SF, meaning to get on the internet, you have to join SF and be socially San Franciscan. (Facebook is Harvard is Boston; same thing, and Facebook moved to SF in 2004.)

One solar path detail: all the founder populations on internet social phenomena will be SF natives. Another: all the dynamics of the websites will favour SF social norms. 

Q: Why is Moldbug successful on the internet?
A: Man living in SF is good at being from SF.

Q: Why does the internet suck so bad? Why is everyone on the internet an idiot?
A: It's SF. 

What I don't understand: why doesn't the rest of the world look at this internet thing and go, "Huh, this is a bunch of foreigners, but the technology isn't wrong. Let's build our own internet so we can have an ingroup internet instead of having to emigrate." E.g. where are the right-wing videogame review sites? Why are there only Fascist sites and uberFascist sites?


Anonymous said...

Possibly nobody makes a competitor internet because, in the form in which it appears everywhere on the web, San Franciscan culture is tolerable. After all, Moldbug is good - and unlike Yarvin he actually lived in San Fran.

Alrenous said...

It's so tolerable it drives off anyone who finds it intolerable, which as it turns out is the far right end of every bell curve.

Fact is Moldbug was driven off the internet. Every good blogger stops blogging. (I am probably not good; though if I knew why I would fix it.) Moldbug was replaced by Yarvin and this is not a coincidence.