Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Why are Busybodies so Irresponsible?

Meddlers might be expressing a craving for responsibility.

Since Fascism is about being irresponsible, it's fashionable to assume everyone wants to be relieved of as much responsibility as possible. However, contra Fascism, individuals vary. Reality: individuals crave a particular level of responsibility. For quite a few, certainly, that level is zero or negative. For some, however, it's positive - and the fashion of relieving them of responsibility only makes them more and more antsy.

If you have no responsibility and want more, you might try to arrogate responsibility onto yourself. In other words, you might try being a meddling piece of shit. 

Perhaps this is what they really mean when they say, "Idle hands do the Devil's work." Responsibility craving results in very, very antisocial behaviour. 

Naturally, it's Christian, which means Satanic, which means usually the saying is usually used to justify coercive acquisition of slave labour.

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