Sunday, September 19, 2021

Politics and the Broken Toe

"you drop a hammer on your toe and break it. The integral system is disrupted, suddenly a relatively small peripheral part of the body dictates terms to the whole system"

Political broken toes are faking. A real broken toe tries to heal as quickly as possible, because the toe hurts too. The toe is responsible for its own pain. Someone with a genuine grievance will rarely have time to agitate politically, precisely because they are in pain, as if their toe was broken. 

"The genuine right-wing man is occult; he barely knows what Parliament does and cares less; his concerns are entirely parochial, within his immediate vicinity."

P.S. "This person carries out all sorts of subtle acts, acts of sabotage, to try and get their way in the business—from malicious but deniable gossip to calling in sick when they are not sick—except that everything they do stops short of actual criminal acts; they do not, for example, steal from the till."

Fire at will is important. It's not impossible to ensure every hire is good, but it's prohibitively expensive.
What if we treated the money the employer spends on wages as the employer's money? Crazy, right? 

Sociology, as I keep saying, is not difficult. Almost all social problems are being caused intentionally.

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