Monday, September 20, 2021

The Regressive Inquisition absolutely hates autists, especially in person. E.g. they lie to us and we're like, "No?" Drives them utterly bonkers. Many autists get suckered by the "love science" nonsense and, like, quote geneticists and psychologists studying IQ, often directly from the literature. Haha, oops. You're not supposed to say that!

Then they turn around and make being non-autistic illegal. Over and over again.

They really convinced people that seeing another person's face isn't important for social or emotional well being. 

After how ever many years of weepy tales about women in the middle east being forced to wear burkas. 




Genuinely didn't occur to me as a factor. For me it genuinely isn't. 

"Hey autists, your comparative advantage isn't advantageous enough, so we're going to make it bigger." Their sadism toward normies is so intense they just can't help themselves.

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