Thursday, November 18, 2021

Twitter Verifieds are Stooges 

Comment by smb:

"I'm less well acquainted with neoliberal circles but I know enough fellows (and have been to enough parties) to know it works something like this:
- Capitalists and Amnesty Int'l types plan a party together.
- Capitalists pay lip service to the Amnesty Int'l types, lauding them for all the good they do.
- Amnesty Int'l types know and love the fact they are considered morally and socially superior to the capitalists.
- The capitalists sneer at the stupid idealists once they're drunk and the idealists are out of earshot."

AI types function as smokescreens.
Occasionally you have to materially flatter them to maintain the smokescreen, but in fact they don't get to run anything. Just as they exist to distract the voter, the AI types themselves are offered only diversions.

As they age, they often start to realize this, which is exactly why they're so violent on Twitter and with bakery shop owners. These victories are table scraps tossed to the dogs. The dogs fight viciously with each other over the inadequate diet, then take their frustrations out on the poor idiot caught in the cross-fire. 

Once an institution is thoroughly discredited (with the upper set, not voters) and everyone takes it for granted that nothing important happens there, an enterprising operative can jiu-jitsu the place. Using it precisely as it's intended - as a smokescreen - they can hold clandestine meetings with other operators at AI offices, planning real action. Meeting there marks them as non-threats, which is exactly what a genuinely threatening operative needs. 

Indeed almost all current true power centres in USG started exactly like this. Some back office that was used precisely for its back-office reputation. Stalin's [general secretary] is a famous example of this process.

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