Wednesday, November 3, 2021

The ncov vaccines preferentially kill those who trust the government.

The food pyramid preferentially kill those who trust the government.

The NHS, along with hospitals in general, preferentially kill those who trust the government. 

Deaths will continue until epistemology improves.


Anonymous said...

OK but that is just saying that the bulk of the masses sits in the middle of the Bell curve. Any mass propaganda effort, if done right, will be least effective, if effective at all, at the tails. It's a truism.

Are we really seeing an uptick of anti-government people having a higher Darwinian fitness? I don't think so. I see a lot of self-congratulating sentiment on the right tail, then in the same breath these people embrace anti-natalism or some really dumb suicidal ideology such as National Socialism.

For every ten million clotshot volunteers, there is one Vox Day verysmart judas goat who helped shepherd the sheep towards the slaughterhouse, and now is slamming brakes. Meanwhile Tucker & Co. still shill the COVID = Chinese bioweapon angle. Let me know when people on the tails can confidently reject Corona, current-year medicine, and modern food (((science))) out of hand.

Is there anyone with good epistemology, apart from you?

Alrenous said...

Evolution is slow, instead of fast. Check back in 2300.