Tuesday, November 9, 2021

A tier, B tier

Aristotle was A tier.
Plato was distinctly B tier.
Clue's in the letters.

Plato worked out because homosexuals have to impress other ass raiders. Without this severe pressure, he would have had a beer gut and been Blato instead.

Not to imply modern "scholars" are anything but F-tier. That's not a hyphen. That's an F- grade. At its peak, maybe we could say Boston was B-tier. I'm certainly not going to check; I've already overpaid.


Anonymous said...

Beer gut is, surprisingly in this day of lying words, a product of drinking too much beer, a diet too carby. Plato's diet was probably OK, so no beer gut.

Mens sana in corpore sano, anyway.

I have never quite understood how you can have, say, Jordan B Peterstein devote his life to understanding the work of another man (Piaget). Is it apprenticeship? Surely an apprentice must become a journeynan after a decade, so what are all these "studies" academic departments about?

Alrenous said...

The Greeks said a man has a genius, rather than being a genius. I agree. The man is trying to study to be a genius, but if he doesn't have a genius, or has a genius of a different kind, all he can manage to be is an executive assistant or PR agent.

If a man is too stupid to copy the genius, but can't accept his lower-order contribution capacity, then he continues to study, endlessly and fruitlessly.