Tuesday, November 30, 2021

I'm aware I'm making narcissism the unified theorem of modern sociology

Just thought I'd mention that it has not escaped my attention that this looks like an obsession rather than logos.

If a justification is needed: power laws also apply to theorems. One model can be expected to explain most things, then a second model explain most of what's left, and so on. It would appear that politics == narcissism, plus a few minor corrective perturbations.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you actually defined narcissism, or rather, the thing you are talking about, it would help. Is it lack of empathy (including empathy towards self, i.e. self-esteem), absence of theory of mind, or what is it that you have a problem with?

Narcissism is not a natural category. What contemporary (((psychiatry))) calls narcissism is (according to them) two quite disparate disorders, neither one of which likely really exists. It is a term made to obscure, rather than illuminate. It seems to be a cluster of symptoms, or rather not even that, but social impacts of symptoms. A "narcissist", as a diagnosis, tells us as little about the subject as, say, "incel". It is a complaint about the subject's relationship to contemporary society.

Alrenous said...

Oh I see, I actually did define narcissism, but you're pretending I didn't.

Come back when you want a conversation in good faith. (So, never, I assume.)

Anonymous said...
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