Friday, November 12, 2021

Slate Narcissist Codex

" This post (about a schismogenic soft super-weapon) is amazing."

It's a horrifying defence of narcissism is what it is. "Oh yes, being wildly psychologically unhealthy is normal and you should take it for granted." 

Though of course we should expect paragons to do this exact thing. Christianity is narcissism. Democracy is narcissism. Fascism is Narcissism. Sophism is narcissism. It would be weird if paragons of this social order didn't feel the need to justify narcissism and then exalt it.

Of the many falsehoods on which the post depends, I will highlight one: "The essence of a scissor is that it divides a group of otherwise aligned people." This galaxy brain thinks [Americans] count as an [otherwise aligned people]. Egalitarian kumbaya can only be interrupted by the Satanic influence of the Plot of the State Enemy, of course.

The story argues that you should be less grandiose. Certainly, narcissists are less insufferable if they are less grandiose. (In real people it's just gaslighting. "Distrust your own senses; you didn't see what you saw.") Moderate the megalomania, plz. Should this count as an excuse? "Okay I set your house on fire, but I woke your dog first." You didn't torture puppies for a laugh. You aren't literally pure evil, nice.

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