Thursday, November 4, 2021

Refresher: Solomonoff Induction

Some will tell you Solomonoff induction doesn't work in real life. This is cope for stupid folk (my condolences). It works perfectly and you genuinely almost become Sherlock Holmes, eliminating every possibility until only the truth is left. Holmes' feats really were fantastic, and the difference is real-life Solomonoff induction looks harmless instead of looking impressive. Just like Holmes vs. criminals, it is not harmless in the least. The strategy all but guarantees you'll be underestimated. 

Admittedly Solomonoff induction genuinely shouldn't work. Making it work requires deep investment; you really must think of every possibility, and this creativity is nontrivial. There's lots of good reasons to think it's too difficult. I can't explain why it works. Just try it.

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