Friday, November 5, 2021

Internationalism is Parochial

The internationalism mythos is designed to hide the fact it's largely Hollywood and Boston, with a smattering of DC because the first two weren't fecal enough. 

Is Star Trek cosmopolitan? No, of course it isn't. Space-communism is full test Boston-Hollywood. Though of course lately Boston has given up on space. It was supposed to be a grand and awesome undertaking which the proles were supposed to be too simple and down-to-earth to fathom, but it ended up inspiring the proles instead. Gross. You can't do things which proles like! Ew!

Star Wars is freedom fighters, in other words it's there to embolden the foreign turncoats State and CIA employs.

The architecture is open bullying. "We can make you live and work in hideous shacks, lol."

Foolishly (but in my defence, briefly) I believed Netflix was an opportunity to escape the Hollywood via cloaca. Surely William Hastings could directly pick good pitches, without being beholden to State interests? Naturally it seems in reality to be a DC plot to harass Hollywood. (Netflix is headquartered in the SF Bay area, but in the boonies/ghetto, as far from water as it gets. A shitty outsider trying badly to horn in.) Hollywood's propaganda might be tone deaf, but it's at least stylish. They confuse some genuine talent into working (at slave wages) on their stuff, and even let them do their thing to some degree. Matrix, Inception, Avatar: look real good. You can't say nobody worked hard on Transformers. Netflix's motto: "Propaganda without flare!" It's crass toadying which confuses workmanship for art. Bonus round: the best workmanship they can manage is classic DC 6. They came pre-pwned by Japan.

As I mentioned earlier, cars are designed for California and if you live in a cold place they don't work properly. Tough. Deal. Ironically, this includes Boston at times. Likewise every country's motor vehicle regulations have to follow California's weirdo hangups, because what, you going to design your own cars? Get real. Gonna force California to manufacture those designs? Ha!


There are in fact places where you can escape the beast (not video, tho), and confirm all your suspicions: Hollywood has only trace levels of creative freedom. When various Hollywood-dissonant stories are wildly popular, you can see Hollywood is almost fully insulated from market demand. Lots of low-hanging fruit it's trying to stonewall and spoil. It wears a straightjacket proudly. 

...and then we get to Bollywood which can't even fill out the straightjacket. They want to be Hollywood and can't manage it. Likewise anything from France is just second-rate Hollywood. Sad. 

I'm not sure if "internationalism" primarily hiding because it wants to slip by the healthy suspicion of meddling foreigners, or primarily they're embarrassed at how self-absorbed and inflexible they are. They can't escape their local obsessions, and the term [obsession] is not hyperbole. Fundamentalists gonna zealot. Fascists gonna narcissus.

P.S. Duh, nobody who isn't already solidly on the blackmail list can get funding of any kind. The VC world is probably run by about 100 psychopaths who all know each other; easily captured, except the part where they volunteered. Is it really slavery if they slap the collar on themselves before even greeting the master, panting and wagging their tail?

"A former member of the California State Board of Education, Hastings" Whelp.
Normal American peasants can be somewhat forgiven for being gaslit into supporting Prussian school. Being a victim is a sin but it's also not being the perpetrator. If you actively join the monster, however, that's well beyond any sort of pale. Corroboration: physiognomy check registers big nope. 

P.S.S. Incomplete, brief word on anime: they're not anti-racist, which is nice, and they don't disparage human affection. However, they're full coomer and are so narcissistic they genuinely believe reality is appearances. They believe it's impossible for a substance to exist behind the facade. On the plus side, being so obsessed with appearance means they can never see "international" ugliness as hiding some secret beauty or putting up with it as revealing some inner virtue, meaning they plain don't put up with it when they don't absolutely have to.

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