Saturday, November 27, 2021

"It is an important fact of history that people don't leave politically hostile countries until it is too late, and genocide is locked in. 

"My rule of thumb is that I will never stay in any country where I expect my grandchildren to be hated. 

"I recommend you think about this."

It's an important fact of history that peasants are dumb.

Even if you have peasants listening to you, they can't tell if their grandchildren will be hated or not. At best they will move at random times to random destinations.

By contrast, if you aren't a peasant, you will leave the hostile country in time unless you live under a rock. There's tons of warning if you're even slightly paying attention. Fascists use responsibility laundering, which means everything happens very slowly and very noisily.


There's a decent chance this isn't too dumb for the peasant, and it's not a matter of wisdom and will at all. E.g. white flight happened in plenty of time. E.g. Hitler was actively expelling Gyews until he had to stop due to perfidious Albion. The Gyews didn't obliviously fail to leave, they clung tenaciously.

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