Tuesday, November 23, 2021

"Such is the power of Covid it's persuaded liberals that putting indigenous populations into concentration camps is good." https://nitter.unixfox.eu/Outsideness/status/1463113474007977989
Christian/Egalitarian false charity.

Original sin: it's necessary to assume Claire likes concentration camps until proven otherwise. Is it normal for women to want all the icky wrongcolours to be put in camps, preferably far, far away? It is. This should not be surprising. Hence, Reality: Covid has allowed liberals to admit their fondness for concentration camps.

Yes Johnny, Dems are the real racists. It's not like the optimates aren't racist or anything silly, but populares really go for broke. The more deeply someone drinks from the well of hatred, the more they bang on about hatred being bad.

"Tim called the Quillette people assholes, which is literally a sore point for Claire." https://nitter.unixfox.eu/TilianAlexander/status/1463121591496228864

As usual for women, they don't really get the principle. Like babies, it's very personal. You can't wipe a poopy butt with the idea of a wet cloth. Women either have their attention consumed by babies and children, or they are engaging in petty, childish gossip and politics, being unable to rise above their personalizing, individualizing instincts.

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