Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Full Propaganda Legalized 2013

There's been a lot of hand-wringing about which "social trends" lead to journalists going full woke around the beginning of Obama's second term.

Naturally this is because the wringers had zero knowledge about what's going on. Turns out it's hard to figure stuff out when you're 100% ignorant. When something seems mysterious, it's probably because you forgot to do any research.

"Fun fact: In 2012, the Smith–Mundt_Act (which made domestic propaganda illegal in the United States) was essentially repealed.

"Coincidentally, around 2012 was when you started having a upsurge of "activist journalists".

"Read that however you wish."


Surely this is a less-leftist exaggeration, right? Fact checking sites: "Verdict: False." Conclusion: no exaggeration, yes that would be a 100% true fact. Fun bonus: that "facts" link confirms the act was repealed for fiscal year 2013.

"hey, it's a conspiracy theory that so many news agencies all of a sudden had "ex" cia members join the staff. totally normal."

We're not doing it, and if we were doing it, it would be totally normal, which is obviously why we have to deny doing it...

Ironically the CIA immediately went off the rails and is in the process of machine-gunning itself in both feet. [Woke] and [CRT] have now stuck as names for the Regressive Inquisition, thanks to their incompetence.

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