Monday, November 1, 2021

Dishonour in Delve

Trigger warning: slumming.

Let's talk about how novels inevitably degenerate into political propaganda. Take that!

Some peasants inarticulately sense that something is wrong with this chapter:

"Eh, this is a pretty dang pointless chapter overall. Nothing to care about here, really." 

"but Rain spent a lot of time trying to save someone who doesn't want to be saved, who verly clearly demonstrated intent to murder him. It is just kind of frustrating how he tries to force a naive viewpoint"



"All in all the cost of this chapter's adventure was... a health potion, a half an hour of time, and some mana." 

"Actually I think it was a very important point that old lady was essentially a Doomsday prepper for this invasion there must be some useful items there

Technically speaking this is equivalent to a zombie apocalypse happening and when you asked your doomsday prepper neighbor for help he ends up killing himself with his own gun"

What actually happened?

Rain trespassed, against very explicit warnings, to "save" someone who ended up dead anyway, and traumatized someone who otherwise could have left peacefully. Hard left: crime and dysfunction portrayed as noble. Christian self-sacrifice as a virtue which gets you into heaven, regardless of the negative effects in Gnon's world.

The "loyalty" is Fascist caricature of loyalty. In reality, oaths of fealty are two-way. It would have been trivial to show the lady had violated her half of it, and thus the rest were no longer bound. Only the most corrupt lord would demand obedience that didn't stop before being able to order you to march to a pointless, futile death...and you could, just, like, not swear that oath. Shit, even Plato acknowledges that insanity tends to involuntarily break contracts. Only Fascists are so primitive that they can't acknowledge these details.

If they were still bound, not by contract by by irrational emotion, then they deserved to get pointlessly killed or enslaved by the incoming Adamant army. (Caricature!Rome expy.)

Leftists gonna leftist. Senescent is agitating against preppers by distorting reality because kto kogo. He doesn't like that they have a point, and has to lie to protect his fragile ego.
Senescent is, atypically for the left, at least somewhat conscientious. Chapter every week. The math appears to lack errors.

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