Sunday, November 28, 2021

BLM is Eugenic

In fact all killing is probably eugenic. Homo hypocritus is highly motivated to avoid death, so we can safely presume that those who don't manage it are incompetent and the species is better off without them. Even god-plagues ("all are equal in death") reliably kill slaves far more than lords.

Anyway, predictive technique: cynicism maximization. Imagine your rulers are as evil as you can possibly imagine, and then see if you predict anything that doesn't happen. If not, you aren't being cynical enough yet. 

Maximization: BLM is supposed to be eugenic. That's at least half the point. They're already killing half of all black pregnancies, but there's still way too many of them around, so it's time to get rid of them faster.

When they said, "Cops are genociding blacks!" cops were supposed to get confused and live up to the stereotype. If they had done what they were backhand told, the Inquisition would have skipped BLM. Cops were supposed to forge evidence and make racially-biased stops and generally go on a giant bloody rampage. Had they done so, it would have been a win-win for the Cathedral. They could constantly decry the horrible blue behaviour, but also suppress any credible evidence for it, along with deflecting any "reform" proposals. Moral high ground and genocide! What's not to love? Sadly, nabbers did the opposite; a black who resists arrest is shot less often than a white who resists arrest, because peasants aren't sophisticated enough to catch backhand hints. Cops are actually a little above average. They had to put in policies limiting the IQ of applicants; in other words they were at risk of having smart cops. They weren't selecting easily-controlled brute thugs the way it was supposed to. Result: cops aren't stupid enough to be fooled by animal-tier manipulation (ref: BLM), but not smart enough to notice the game and play along. Also the middle and upper middle class like, aver murder or some shit. Don't want to play along. Weirdos.

The Fascist lords realized their mistake, and have instead recruited other blacks to massacre blacks. It's not working as well as they hoped - absolute rookie numbers compared to what Stalin or Hitler pulled - but it's a start, you know? Get a few more eugenic policies like BLM and they might really get somewhere.

As expected, even the lords are degenerate under Fascism. While just as relatively competent compared to peasants as always, they've degenerated the peasants and been dragged down with them... In 1750 or soon after the average peasant had IQ 115, meaning lords would typically have 145, which is now (laughably) considered genius-tier. Hey, brain damage: genius the term for hero-tier scholars, not everyday magistrates. 

You can see part of the plan survived; they're still deflecting any serious attempt to defund the police. Thuggish enforcers still kill around 250 blacks per year, after all. Just because BLM is blowing this pathetic number out of the water doesn't mean they want those 250 to live, you know? 

P.S. I just found out: just in case you weren't sure if America was always trying to kill everyone, the search "all are equal in death original quote" brings up the declaration of independence as the first result. Sometimes the heavens just aren't subtle. 

I associate the quote with black plague killing "rich and poor alike" but I wanted to verify. Turns out the internet doesn't know. It's a myth, of course: the black plague death rate among the richest 5% was under 10%. (I remember reading 4.6% somewhere, though I'm a bit skeptical.) High by their standards, but lowborn villages stood a real chance of being wiped off the map so totally there weren't any survivors to let the tax man know he could skip that trip. 

P.P.S. They may be committed to Satanism, but you do have to admire their commitment. That is some impressive dedication. I guess Satan's Pride is about being totally, 100% committed to being a lying piece of shit.

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