Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Peasant Eating Habits

Many social rituals make dramatically more sense of peasants are so cosmically incompetent they can't even work out how hungry they are.

Do peasants really have to transcend their own nature to manage to live up to the standard of a bear or puma? I have difficulty imagining this, but as always it's important to imagine all possibilities. Vary every variable. 

Come to think the evidence points to corruption rather than peasantry being peasant-y, per se. Several studies have shown that children are capable of managing their own diet. Peasants are often childish, but they only become degenerate even relative to children when under deliberate attack. Many false religions put great emphasis on weird diets for made-up moral reasons, thus they see an incentive to destroy a child's awareness of their own innate wisdom. 

Result: adults who have to be told exactly how much to eat, what to eat, and when, to avoid self-harm. As if the narcissist denial of individual variation was a proven fact.

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