Monday, November 22, 2021

Leftists Have Twisted Bodies

Every leftist has serious degenerative mutations. Low-church leftists are all morlocks sans competence. Psycho lords are psycho. A super-duper-majority have an outward, physiogamic marker of this genetic dysfunction.

The healthier your body is, the harder it is to be a leftist. This is why lifting weights tends to move the lifter to the right. This is a major reason nutrition "scientists" can't be allowed to be competent under Fascism. See also: meat is warrior food, grains are slave food.

The reflex appears to be intentional design. The unhealthier you are, the more likely it is you can't pull your own weight. Rightism is responsibility. If the society becomes blindly right-wing, then everyone who isn't pulling their weight will starve to death. Parasitism and parasitic ideology faces the strongest incentives. Further, everyone has at least a part of their life where they can't pull their own weight. Having no instinct to protect the weak of the tribe: not a possibility.

Note that Greek tragedy is real. Just because someone is more vicious than virtuous does not mean they have no virtues. If you intend to let them die, they're likely to become violent and cause more damage to society than simply allowing them to be supported. The virtues they have will allow them to be destructive if aimed at that goal. This is why I favour sterilization + charity. Sure, toss them $5000 a month or something silly, as long as they have no children, no viable gametes, and the person paying the money is also the person who decides whether they continue to be paid. 

Eugenics is endless total war. It's kind of none of your business; let Gnon handle it. Pity is a cease-fire pact.


Arqiduka said...

The single greatest issue facing any civilisation. But a great deal of thought must go into it. Complete sterilisation may not be the way to go: the wonders of sexual reproduction allow one to extract value from the lowest genetic line. Just limit to one kid, and from some of them good things will come. Otherwise you run the risk of creating a super docile population. At times, the line between criminal and leader is blury, so tread carefully. You do eugenics as you prune a bonsai, bit by bit across generations.

Alrenous said...

It's not forced sterilization, it's payment for services rendered. Can't pay for charity with cash, but you can pay for it by promising your subpar genes will disappear in the future.

19/20 you'll just have to sterilize the kid too. Not worth. Slaves and criminals should always be sterilized, especially now it can be done almost painlessly. Alt: the criminals can be dead, which accomplishes the same thing.