Monday, November 29, 2021

Alchemy of Vitamin D

Everyone who says not to pigeonhole them belongs in a very obvious box. I'm not sure which box I go in, though. Perhaps it's correct to call me an alchemist. The oldest known tradition of truth-seeking. 

I'm pretty skeptical about astrology in general. Reminder: you can science it super easily. Take two children born at the same time in the same hospital. Gene-sequence their parents. Gene-sequence the children. If astrology is true, the children's genes will, as far as possible, resemble each other more than they resemble either parent. I find this conclusion laughable, absurd. Nevertheless, I just told you how to falsify it, should I be wrong. Do the set 1. 

Let's take astrology seriously anyway. For the sake of argument, it's true. All the astrological symbols are the alchemists' rendition thereof.

Clearly the only astral body that matters is the Sun. It is, and should be, the only guiding principle in your life. Sol is 99.86% of the Solar system by mass. Everything else is a rounding error. Likewise, the energy used on Earth is roughly 99.86% transmuted Solar power.

However, you can thaumaturgically shield yourself from this influence by staying in the shade. This will make you unhealthy, because you're rebelling against Gnon. In this case the dark masses - the planets - may well have significant influence over your fates. 

Solution: sunlight in a bottle. Vitamin D. Re-align yourself with Sol.
Alternatively, just go outside, but a) doesn't work in the winter and b) let's be realistic here.

I rather suspect the planets don't like having influence over you. By rejecting Sol you're dragging them inside yourself, against their will. By "rejecting" them you're moving things outside that should have always been outside in the first place, and they will thank you for it just as much as you thank yourself for doing it. Let them mind their own business by minding yours. 


This includes Earth, by the way. Earth is a planet and a dark mass. 

Luna is an edge case. She reflects a noticeable quantity of Solar light, and thus has a noticeable quantity of reflected Solar business.

P.S. Cholecalciferol is fat-soluble, and clearly there are only two acceptable oils: coconut or sunflower. Sun chemicals in sun plants. Get the alchemy correct and the physical health with follow. Try to avoid solid or plastic-packed forms. Mine is a dropper type, which incidentally costs half as much as other kinds.


Kgaard said...

I read a book a few years ago -- the title of which I have maddeningly forgotten -- which made the best argument for astrology I have ever seen: In the 9 months you are in the womb, the earth passes through very distinctly different solar relationships. At its closest the earth is 93m miles from the sun, and at its furthest 95m. So everyone who shares the same birthday gets the same solar exposure in the same order.

Anonymous said...


Mother's body buffers much of the environmental impacts, so the seasonal differences in post-natal environment could be even more important.