Saturday, November 27, 2021

Do Fascists Realize Prussian School Weakens the Country?

Did I come across as somewhat puzzled by the use of Prussian school? I was.

I figured it out, though: the State is justifiably terrified of heroes. The Fascist State is exactly the kind of dragons heroes are supposed to slay. There is no higher, more perfect, more fitting task for their glorious powers. 

It's impossible to elevate a peasant to lord status, but you can make degenerate fops and you can corrupt heroes, leading them astray.

The psycho lords who administrate Fascism are aware Prussian school drastically harms their herd of peasant capital, but it's considered a fair price to pay to mitigate the nearly-lethal levels of panic they feel at the prospect of being confronted with even a single fully-realized hero. (Globally, school annually kills about 30,000 children via suicide alone. It's not particularly subtle. Ncov school shutdowns significantly lowered 8-14 all-cause mortality.)

E.g. they killed Socrates, but in the end all this accomplished was an Aion-spanning Streisand effect. Oof! Everyone knows his name, but only very special specialists know the names of his murderers. Can you imagine any worse fate for these control freaks? 

They recruit the peasants because peasants are, naturally, dominated by envy of the hero. Their low cunning unavoidably makes them dimly aware of the possibility of heroes even if they've never met one, and, like everyone else, they can feel Prussian school stands firmly in their way. Heroes present no material risk to the peasant - extremely to the contrary - but they do present an ego risk, which the childish, narcissistic peasant sees as more relevant than their material poverty. They would genuinely prefer to die to despair (fentanyl et al) rather than risk having to be consciously aware that heroes exist. 

P.S. Remember that when used correctly [murder] means [cowardly killing], and this has nothing to do with whether it's legal. If you kill someone from the front but illegally, it's not murder, no matter what Christians tell you. One former name was vig. Indeed braving the law makes it less cowardly, not more. Being convicted for 'murder' under Fascism retroactively justifies the slaying. You may not have confronted the fated corpse in an honourable duel, but you inherently confronted the State. P.P.S. BLM seems eugenic. Hopefully there isn't too much antifragility.

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