Friday, November 5, 2021

Jews and IQ

The basic data looks like this:

Let's say there are 1,000 Euros with IQ of 140+, and 50 Semites with IQ of 140+. 

If you look at, for example, Nobel prize winners, there will be 20 Euros for every Semite. This is "disproportionate" in the sense that there are 50 total Euros for every Semite, but IQ-adjusted it's in fact almost perfectly proportional.

Likewise Asians vs math Olympiads. Take the lowest winning IQ and calculate the population proportion above that limit, and you'll find the winner racial breakdown is almost strictly proportional.

Your typical neo-Nazi is, of course, a Fascist. This means they're a narcissist, which means they project. This means when they accuse Semites of using racial nepotism, it is because neo-Nazis use or want to use racial nepotism. 

From what I've seen, Semites use regular ol' immediate-family-style nepotism. 

As a proper nihilist, I can't oppose nepotism. It's just the lying that's heresy. If you have to lie about it, it means you yourself think it's unjustified. Who am I to gainsay this?


Anonymous said...

The Jewish high-IQ population is proportionate to Anglo high-IQ population, though. If we grant the assumption, the argument is sound. Conversely, if we refute the assumption, the argument fails.

Rectification of names:

Nobel prizes are awarded. They are "won" in the same sense that Miss Universe is the winner of the best blowjob competition, but in the end, the title is awarded.

Neo-nazi is a category of federal employees and/or an officially designated boogieman of the, yes, Jewish, media. To the extent that they exist in reality, they are not representative of the people who complain about Jewish nepotism. To wit, smart people woke on the JQ tend to be woke on socialism, and tend to think losing the war was a big thing Hitler did wrong. Most fans of NSDAP are not defective Whites, but people like Candance Owens and other Browns and Blacks in places like Zimbabwe, Palestine, or India, anyway.

When we say Jewish nepotism, we really are talking about Ashkenazi and their spouses. Black Israelites need not apply.

It is not a family thing, it really is a tribe thing. Brian Stelter is not a family relatiom of Wolf Blitzer. The Intellectual Dork Web are not related to each other. Except, of course, the Ashkenazi are so genetically homogenous that they are more related to each other than random White siblings. Probably. I've not done tghe math.

In reality, Jews have gained a massive influence post-WW2, and they invented the myth of the 115 IQ mean as an explanation for it. None of the studies that keep getting cited shows 115 mean IQ. Vox Day has showed, I think conclusively, if average Ashkenazi IQ were 115, non-Ashk Jews would have to have average IQ below that of Arabs. Jews are good (extremely) at lying & scheming, being basically more verbal Arabs with worse fashion style.

Saying "I have nothing agains the nexes of power being predominantly Jewish while I'm being forced to have nigger scientists in my particle physics lab to meet racial quota, I just wish we were allowed to talk about it openly." Is beyond conservative-level retarded.

Anonymous said...

Vox Day on the IQ 115 myth:

For a good example of a well-referenced paper (that itself gets a lot of cites) repeating the 115 IQ myth, see Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence by Cochran, Hardy, and Harpending :

> The Psychometric Evidence about Ashkenazi IQ
> Ashkenazi Jews have the highest average IQ of any ethnic group for which there are
reliable data. They score 0.75 to 1.0 standard deviations above the general European
average, corresponding to an IQ 112-115. This has been seen in many studies (Backman,
1972; Levinson, 1959; Romanoff, 1976), although a recent review concludes that the
advantage is slightly less, only half a standard deviation Lynn (2004).

Problem being, if you actually look at the studies, none of them supports any part of the claim.

Note that it's Jews citing Jews citing Jews. Funny thing that, Jews spilling tons of ink and man-years on generating scholarship, and they can never seem to get their basic facts straight. I wonder why that makes me irrationally hate them.

Nation of Islam, the famed White Neo-Nazis:

Uncle Bob, the great White Neo-Nazi:

Alrenous said...

Candace Owens is very much a defective white.

Vox Day is a defective white as well. He's literally a Satanist. As any good Satanist does, he lies about his allegiance. You can tell because everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He talks exactly like a journalist does except he's less left than usual.

You're going hard into Dunning-Kruger. You think I'm conservative-level retarded because you're conservative-level retarded and I don't agree with your pants-on-head opinions.
Actually your diction isn't that bad, so I think you're a Satanist too. "If you have to lie about it, it means you yourself think it's unjustified. Who am I to gainsay this?" You yourself are telling me you're full of shit.

Cool. I agree.

Nobel prizes in the hard sciences were in fact won for many years, not that this is in fact relevant. There are any number of examples.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for replyng & for commending my style.

I am sorry if the cogdis hit you so hard you started sounding like that monty python sketch where they "reason" about the witch.

Yes, Vox Day is an avowed Satanist, this is one of his many original ideas, and we cite sources. Does quoting Satanists make me one? Your idiotic IQ 115 myth comes from people much worse than VD. Does sucking on Jewish dick make you a faggot? Of course not.

> nobel prizes won

I was not aware of that, did they get all the scientists in one place and played bridge over who gets the prize that year, or how did they do it?