Sunday, November 7, 2021

Explaining non-egalitarian acts using egalitarian language

This is pretty amusing.

"Luckily, the ideology of the woke is hiding in plain sight: they have left a 60-year paper trail of books, articles, and speeches."

Tiny innocent babby thinks Sophism is 60 years old. Adorable.

"In practical politics, narratives are superior to arguments.[...] In Cupertino, California, teachers forced [...] This formulation connects emotionally"

Peasants can't understand abstracts. (The men can, but only with extreme effort.) You have to lead them by the nose because they can't see any further than six inches.

"When the hypocrisy starts leading to consequences, you have succeeded."

Oh yeah, let's just solve a regime-complete problem real quick. Should be over by Christmas.
This is what happens when you think Sophism is less than 100 years old. 

"One story about corruption in government will draw curiosity; but a series of stories over the course of a year will change how people understand the issue"

...namely, that they will understand it at all.


1. Understand theory.
2. Compare evidence to theory.
3. Judge theory in light of evidence.

Peasants can't change their mind. They have to change their evidence.


1. Don't understand theory.
2. Still don't understand theory.
3. Understand theory and therefore don't question it.

If they understand an idea well enough to use it competently, then they believe in it, which means they don't believe in opposing ideas, which means they don't understand them. E.g. if you explain enough of Islam to a Christian peasant that they can accurately tell if something is Islamic or not, they will have already forgotten Christianity and become a Muslim. Understanding and credence are identical under the wiring they have. You may have heard of difficulty with ambiguity and uncertainty; for at least 75% of the population, they literally can't even. 

As with any fundamentalist society, to get shit done you have to lie about how you're doing it. To explain it to someone else is tricky, as it requires lying about what you're doing in such a way as to fail to deceive them. To say, "Okay, don't place the I-beam there," in such a fashion as to end up having the I-beam placed there.

P.S. Refresher: Sophism is what destroyed the monarchies of Rome and Athens. By the time Tarquin was adopted it was already far too late. 

Likewise the admonitions of Ipuwer cover a period of Egyptian Fascism.

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