Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Historical Peasantry

Some intact and suitably brief history can be found at the following links.

Did medieval peasants work hard?

Did medieval peasants have any privileges?

In short being a peasant is far more pleasant than being a voter, though it's not like being a voter has no advantages at all. 

Note that voters can be conscripted; while serfs could be levied, taking a serf for the army would cause the lord to bill you for lost human capital. "Excuse me, I need him to farm this plot." Further, lords recognized voters/peasants are merchant-caste and basically useless in a fight, something Napoleon didn't learn before Waterloo.

In addition, note that Christianity between about 500-1100 was hardly Sophist at all, which is why Sophists call the period a dark age. Instead it largely performed correctly as a religion. E.g. even if the Pope tried to tell you what to do, it is likely the message would simply be lost before it got to you, so he couldn't be a busybody.

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