Saturday, November 13, 2021

Intellectual Women

Female "scholars" reliably become performative narcissists because women don't care about abstract ideas and it never occurs to them that anyone else would care either. (Women do sympathy, not empathy.) They see scholars playing with abstracts and therefore to fit in they cast their parochial personal concerns as universals.

"With that in mind, it’s hard not to read The Genetic Lottery less as a work of science or of politics than as Harden’s apologia to her daughter."

When a woman says, "All men are bastards," by [all men] they mean [specifically my last ex] or [my dad]. The category [all men] simply doesn't exist in a woman's brain and thinking about it is so foreign that it never occurs to her that it might be a real category for someone else.* A woman's social circle is supposed to small and intimate, in other words, profoundly concrete. For the simple reason that anyone outside the circle is apt to beat her, rape her, and leave her for dead in the woods. Evolution happily got rid of all the unnecessary capacities, leaving space for focusing as hard as possible on only the absolutely necessary. 

*(A woman reading this would only think, "Damn, Alrenous is really committed the game!" Also they will get offended/panicked that I'm falsely insinuating that they're not playing the game well enough. More on this later.)


Tragedy: "Instead, I invest hours and hours more per week in the speech and language development of the child who struggles, because I wished really hard I could make them not-stupid, and had to signal how hard I wished that." In reality cognitive accomplishment is 100% genetic. Any training they need they will get on their own, whether you try to beat it into them or not. The only difference is whether they receive a beating (no matter how sympathetically administered). This woman delivers them because she's genuinely that terrified of what the neighbours would think of her if she doesn't play the game enthusiastically enough. Possibly with a side of penis envy. Don't forget how atomized real neighbourhoods are, like she had to. 

Fun feedback: under feminine Fascism, male "scholars" see women pretending to play with universals, and to counter-signal so-called "toxic" masculinity they also discard truth in favour of dressing up their narcissistic self-indulgence as universals. Even then it doesn't quite work; the men rarely realize women have discarded abstracts entirely, and say things like, "It's a moral imperative that everyone act exactly like I already act." 

P.S. Don't let this make you forget that categories should be anchored in specific concrete examples. Counter-signalling femininity isn't something real men need to do (yes Plato, I'm looking at you), any more than they need to drop their pants to prove their plumbing bona-fides.

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