Friday, December 31, 2021

Every man can be an island

...from other men.

However, you must rely on either other mortals or the heavens, or you'll plain fuckin' die.

The tragedy is that relying on the heavens is better for everyone, but you can never pay the heavens back. You can (and should) offer your gratitude, but gratitude plus $2 is enough to buy a cup of coffee.

It is not at all unusual to owe the heavens every worthwhile thing in your life. You have nothing to pay them back with, except gifts they themselves gave you. 

How do you plan to pay Sol back for sunlight? You owe him every beautiful day. What are going to do, light a fire on his behalf? Using wood grown with what? 

Gonna have to see your worthiness passport real quick.

The heavens want the best for you. As a pious individual, your only duty is to take the best, knowing you can never, ever pay them back. If you ask for one, they'll give you two. You will be in bottomless debt to them for eternity. P.S. This is one reason efficiency is profane; what, are you saying infinite bounty isn't bountiful enough for you?

All I know to say: perhaps try to be more worthy. Be ever less undeserving of this transcendent generosity. Use their gifts to cultivate as much virtue as you possibly can. You can't pay it back, but maybe we can pay it forward.

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