Saturday, December 25, 2021

Cosmic Structure is as a Mobius Fractal

It looks strictly linear and finite from everywhere but two places: the very highest point and the very lowest, which, as it turns out, are the same point. The Dao and the humblest speck of dust is the same thing.

As a simple example, let's model the cosmos as the classical elements. There is quintessence, which is made of all four elements. The four elements are likewise made of all four elements - fire has fire-fire and air-fire and water-fire and earth-fire. The water-fire likewise has fire-water-fire and air-water-fire and water-water-fire and earth-water-fire. It's a clear and discrete hierarchy. The fractal differentiates and discriminates all the way down to the most specific, the most concrete, the least wholistic. (As another examples, this works with chakras too.)

Another way of saying [most specific] is [fundamental particle]. At the top is quintessence, the Dao. At the bottom is the foundation, that which underpins everything - the Dao. The fundamental particle is also quintessence. From the humblest speck of dust you can re-derive all of Existence. There is a bottom, but you can go through the bottom and if you do, you end up at the highest point. Likewise you can go through the top. You can transcend the Dao, but you end up at the bottom - in the bowels of the netherworld, so to speak. 

Likewise, the Dao appears to have two sides - e.g. mind and matter - which flow seamlessly into each other, if you move far enough along the path, and yet there is always a distinct opposite side. An apparent dichotomy. The dichotomy is also fractal. You can split the Dao into two opposing sides, which are in fact a single whole, in many separate, overlapping ways. Life and death. Hot and cold. Inward and outward. Sensation and decision. Male and female. Light and dark. Creation and destruction. Time and space. Math and poetry. Logic and intuition. Control and freedom.

The cosmos is a mobius fractal.

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