Wednesday, December 1, 2021

There are roughly 2 billion anglophones. 

There are roughly 1000 anglophones of IQ 178 or higher. 

It would be great if one or two of them were on twitter or ran a blog, but this clearly isn't the case. They're too smart to be caught by such scams.


Anonymous said...

People with 2 standard deviation iq differences are mostly incomprehensible to each other. Hilariously the very smart are considered very dumb by consensus. Have to have a great deal of social competence to deal with all that hate and speak up anyway.

Alrenous said...

There's various ways to deal with that, such as pretending to be stupid but having the right answer at the end.
The problem is the high demand for injustice. Ultimately even peasants can tell the difference between just and unjust bottom lines, and consistently go for the latter. E.g. another way to avoid hate is to say a bunch of bafflegab and then conclude that injustice is required. "Sounds smart and I like where you're going with this!"
E.g. Americoid conservatives want to lose, which is why it doesn't matter what you say if it leads up a conclusion that they ought to do something effective. Even if you painstakingly trick them into thinking something ineffective is effective, they'll freak out the instant it starts to work and Exit the plan. Unless they actively defect and sabotage the plan, that is. Contrary to their core desires.