Monday, December 27, 2021

Neo-Theodicy is Still Hard

Recified theodicy: non-omnipotence and imperfection >> perfection. The heavens can't actually do or know everything, and even if they could do all possible things, it is impossible to make perfection superior to imperfection. 

However, it is well within the heavens' powers to dramatically reduce the amount of evil on Earth. That imperfection is better doesn't mean you should intentionally make things more imperfect. The point of imperfection is that, unlike perfection, it can be improved. Imperfection is only a divine gift if you're willing to improve things.

Christians say souls need to be given the chance to display their virtues or vices, but this is, frankly, ludicrous. I can judge the worthiness of individuals using purely my fleshy human abilities, at well over 99% accuracy, in a few seconds, without even resorting to philosopher superabilities. If I can do it, divine beings would be able to do it transcendentally better. There are no Minority Reports: they are nothing but accurate and precise. 

By process of elimination, allowing mortals to be outrageously, flagrantly nasty to each other must somehow be better. Puzzling. 

Come to think, never mind heavenly wrath, it's well within mortal power to prevent humans from being flagrantly, outrageously nasty to each other. Physical interdiction is possible, always and everywhere. Secure your shit and don't stand somewhere stupid. Don't build on that flood plain unless you have waterproofing technology for your house. 

The Amish are permanently safe from not just Wokeness, but supply chain disruption. No matter how fucked up the American Empire gets, they won't have to care. (It's not dishonourable to leech off parasites, it's practically your sacred duty.) Do you find these risks worth the benefit of being not-Amish, or are you making a bad trade?

If mortals consistently decide to legalize evil, why would the heavens object? They have prayed to Gnon to have evil done to them. Gnon is more than happy to grant this boon. 

However, this merely pushes the puzzle back a layer. Why would the heavens placidly allow the existence of a race that consistently prays for punishment? Why not grant the spirit of the prayer rather than the letter, and offer annihilation? Most curious.

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