Thursday, December 2, 2021

Fascism Shows Impiety Toward Fascism

E.g. fundamentally "materialism" refers to a radical lack of piety. E.g. they make their buildings ugly to try to convince you that Existence is ugly.

Fascists are so fanatical precisely because they're aware they're not pious. They lack confidence in their own alleged faith, and feel the need to frantically cover up their own lack of credence.

Piety requires humility. The key feature of the higher power is the "higher" part, more than the power part. Narcissism, a key feature of egalitarianism (or vice-versa?), is behaving exactly contrary to humility. Humanism means worship of the human, it means saying the "higher" power is yourself. Utopianism is the opposite of humility; it is the precept that the physical world can never be good enough. 

Kind of a problem if you don't believe in any non-physical world.

If Fascists genuinely held credence in Fascism, they wouldn't be so very sensitive to slights. The pious do not despair; ultimately the heavens can take care of themselves. The pious would believe Fascism could survive a few mistakes or failures in effort here and there. In reality, Fascists behave as if even one "racist" can spoil the whole project. 

If anything, Fascists have faith in Sha'itan, the adversary. They have true faith in the demiurge. They believe Ialdobaoth will sponsor even a single apostate to the degree that he can overpower the religion even if every other human is a believer. Billions-to-one odds? Trillions? What do ratios mean before the power of a god?

They have faith that humans have only works, and all their works will be brought to nought. Which makes sense, as they are rebelling against Gnon. All their works will indeed be brought to nought. 

Fascists believe Earth is Hell, and they have been justly condemned to it. They worship the Devil, and hate him for having every right to keep them imprisoned in torment.
In general, the narcissist is unlovable. In general, the narcissists doesn't deserve God's mercy.

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