Wednesday, December 8, 2021

AntiMarx Class Analysis

First, classes don't have class interests. Instead, individuals share interests, and, due to this overlap, form a class. They coordinate by having the prerequisite of being identical and thus reacting similarly to stimuli.

Second, class conflict is basically fake. A supermajority of competition is intra-class, not inter-class. They react to stimuli by trying to screw over their neighbour. Availability bias alone guarantees this, let alone the rest of it.


The longshoreman doesn't dream of going to Harvard; the Harvard alum likewise feels no threat from the longshoreman. Even if by some miracle the longshoreman's son manages to get into Harvard, he will find that there's Harvard students and then there's Harvard students. 

America has at most 1000 kings. The ruling class is those kings and their staff. Harvard alone graduates 1500 a year. Standard 40 year career => each king's court has 6000 potential courtiers from Harvard alone. The longshoreman's son isn't going anywhere near the actual halls of power. By contrast, a courtier's son is going to have powerful contacts whether he wants them or not, even before he gets old enough to attend university, just from tagging along with his dad from time to time. If he attends university, it's merely due to aristocratic fop degeneracy; if he weren't lazy, he could get going by about 15 or 16.

In other words, epiphenomena like critical race theory is about a Harvard candidate yanking a Harvard acceptance letter from some other Harvard candidate. The detrimental effects on the longshoreman are just a bonus. 

Worse, it's all about the lower "elites," and has nothing to do with true power. If a king doesn't like a particular courtier candidate, he (very occasionally she) can just not hire them. "Elite" "overproduction" means exactly nothing to him. Naturally they don't have to follow silly racial or gendered quota rules at this level.
Further, note that all kings have always been atheists, or rather irreligious. Mouthing pieties doesn't impress them - any king who is so impressed was long ago warred out of existence by the kings who hire useful courtiers.

CRT is the losers, who couldn't even get into the running, fighting loser games over who the biggest loser is. Like corporals playing blood sports to determine who gets to be a sergeant, for the amusement of colonels and generals' bored sons. 

This is cope:
Coming up with lots of complicated reasons explaining why the parasite class aren't parasites. Completely certain that parasitism can be contained within hard limits; certain exactly because every parasite class in history has demonstrated cancerous growth. 

"But decentralized models are inherently inefficient when compared to centralized ones, meaning less surplus resources can be squeezed out of them to benefit those at the top."
Rectify the name: efficiency = parasitism.
What you need is an "efficiency"-minimizing society, where no "efficient" person is allowed to develop a stable power base. If you don't persecute the mafia, then your town will be run by the mafia as a criminal paradise.

As per usual, Satan equivocates in an effort to discredit the good and true. Works pretty often, since humanity sucks so much. This is why you should never pay attention to what is and isn't discredited. 

"The anger that is being expressed today is organic and will not go away anytime soon, even if or when the issues of the day change."

So you're mad as hell and you're not going to take it anymore? You want us all to stand up?

But, like, for totes real this time.

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